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Our Vision: Project Carbon Freedom (“Coalition” or “we”) seeks to advance clean energy legislation that supports the deployment of renewable liquid heating fuel in order to efficiently, affordably and equitably decarbonize the residential heating sector across the northeastern United States.

Our Mission: To secure state biofuel policies across New England and New York that benefit homeowners and small businesses and their communities in the Northeast, as well as U.S. farmers and renewable fuel producers in the Midwest.

Our Strategy: Through outreach, education and advocacy, Project Carbon Freedom will raise public awareness of the decades-long effort by the liquid heating fuel industry, in partnership with the agricultural sector, to provide homeowners with renewable heating fuel that is increasingly clean, safe, and energy efficient, and which represents a prudent, affordable, and expedient path to complete decarbonization of the residential heating sector.

Benefits of Joining: Members will align themselves with individuals, organizations and businesses to create a unified coalition focused on the legislative and regulatory support for, and expansion of, renewable liquid heating fuels in order to promote environmental justice, energy security and jobs in our communities.


Action Plan: We are building a framework for action that identifies advocacy targets, tracks legislative calendars, establishes communication channels and organizes calls to action.

News, Research and Information: Through our website and ongoing communications, we will provide accurate, up-to-date information to help Coalition members communicate confidently and effectively with policy makers, colleagues, customers and community members.

Advocacy Tools and Resources: We have invested in and will provide an easy-to-use digital advocacy platform to empower Coalition members and strengthen our collective voice. The platform includes customizable email templates, refined talking points, and other tools. These will enable you and fellow advocates to immediately engage and help the Coalition mobilize community members to advance our mission. In the coming weeks, we will host virtual bootcamps to provide guidance on when and how to effectively put your voice to work.


Your Voice: The Coalition will organize members to lend their voice to our shared cause. Policy makers, regulators, and the public need to hear that we can meet our de-carbonization goals more efficiently, affordably and equitably using the infrastructure, technology and workforce we have in place. We will support you to amplify your unique voice and expertise so that is heard through direct outreach to lawmakers, your community and other key stakeholders.

Your Brand: We are aiming to build a broad coalition of stakeholders who understand the concerning implications of policy-driven electrification, and who see a more responsible path, both socially and environmentally, to decarbonizing the residential heating sector. We aim to show the diverse makeup of our membership, with representation from farmers, community organizations, biodiesel producers, energy experts, terminal operators, fuel retailers, equipment manufacturers, media, and consumers. Our allies range in size from public corporations to main street American family-owned companies and farmers.

Your Story: Current energy policies intent on electrifying the home heating sector will impact all of us in different ways. We want to tell YOUR story, whether that involves a bleak outlook for your third-generation family business or the exorbitant cost of installing electric heat pumps in your home. We believe deeply in the convictions for which this Coalition stands. By sharing your stories, we hope that others will, too.