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You are the voice of our community. Please speak up.

Project Carbon Freedom joins local fuel providers in Massachusetts in urging homeowners to reach out to your state’s elected officials on Beacon Hill to educate them on your concerns regarding the proposed Clean Heat Standard in Massachusetts. This includes:

  • Limiting fuel choices for homeowners
  • Encouraging widespread electrification over affordable, commercially available renewable fuels
  • Excluding Bioheat® fuel as a contributor to clean energy
  • A loss of jobs and closing of local family-run businesses
  • Massive heating equipment conversion costs
Bioheat® Fuel is a Low-Carbon Solution Available Now

You depend on heating oil provided by a local business. Bioheat® fuel is a renewable, low-carbon fuel. It can decarbonize your home more affordably and faster than if you were to convert to electric heat pumps and wait for the decarbonization of the power grid. Bioheat® fuel is the actionable, low-carbon solution that is ready and available for your use in your home or business right now. Best of all, it works seamlessly in liquid fuel heating equipment with no expensive modifications required.

Simply use the form on this page to make your voice heard by your Massachusetts state representatives.

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“Our industry faces significant challenges as lawmakers and policy makers in Massachusetts take action to address climate change. We must ensure that our elected officials know that our industry is a partner in this process.”
Michael Ferrante, President, Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association


Imprudent decarbonization policies are threatening clean energy progress.


A responsible path to renewable heat.


Education, legislation & continued innovation.


Together, we can forge a better future for all.

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