Biden EPA Pick Michael Regan on the Importance of Biofuels

Michael Regan headshot
‘Agriculture has such an important role.’

In an interview with Agri-Pulse magazine, Michael Regan, President Biden’s nominee to lead the EPA, said “we cannot meet our [decarbonization] goals without having a very strong partnership with agriculture … we can’t regulate our way out of this solely. It will take innovation. It will take partnership. It will take voluntary programs, all of the above, to see our way through this climate emergency and agriculture has such an important role.”

Asked his view on the role of biofuels in addressing climate change, Regan said, “The president-elect has not been shy in indicating that biofuels, especially advanced biofuels, will be critical to help meet his ambitious climate agenda. I agree with that. Advanced biofuels will be very important. We will take a look at all of the science. We’ll take a look at the laws that are on the books in terms of the applicability of these advanced biofuels, the application of new technology, and we will push that agenda with our agriculture partners in a way that demonstrates that agriculture can be part of the solution for mitigating this climate emergency.”

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